Who We Are

Famiglia Boschelli-Menapace gestori Hotel Villa Tiziana

Famiglia Boschelli-Menapace

Our family is working in the hotel business since three generations. Only the passion and the desire of satisfying/to satisfy our customers, have accompanied us on this journey and have encouraged us to continue to improve.

Mrs Ester, mother and expert florist , deals with the disposal of the garden, takes care of the Villa and of the details in the preparation of breakfast and dinner.

Mr Flavio, after a working career in banking, is welcoming (warmly) simply the customers, with great cordiality today.

The son Mattia, ex level canooer, degreed in political science and great vine knower, oversees the management service and the quality of the products used in the kitchen.

The son Omar, since he was young he wanted to devote himself to the family tradition. He deals with all the service, from accountancy to the attention to the little things.